• Tiana Marie

Why Garment Makers make Bad Blankets

True story, every garment maker has been asked to make a blanket or quilt about a few hundred times. And we usually scoff, and tell them to go find a quilter. Quilters and garment makers are like zebras and horses. Totally different, one is at the zoo, the other is in the field down the street. No offense to my quilters, in fact this post is to pay my respect to all those sturdy steeds out there. I tried and it was one of my best fails. I have no shame so let's begin; Here is why garment makers make crappy blankets:

Step one: Assume you already know everything (it's just a dumb rectangle right? A child could do this)

Step two: Pick out the most obnoxiously difficult and ridiculous fabric from your collection (thick, striped fur? Definitely!) One inch thick batting? Why not?!

Step three: Before you even stop to ask if you are doing it right, cut all your pieces, EXACTLY to measure. DUH.

Step four: Pause to think maybe you should watch a reference video, see that they recommend cutting your backing bigger and your batting smaller, brush it off as a silly detail.

Step five: Pin and clip everything together, begin sewing.

Step Six: Realize that the backing has gathered and is now three inches too short. Hack that edge shorter to make it work. Begin to realize that you suck at this.

Step seven: Change your clothes because you are looking like a pink fuzzy unicorn and inhaling small fibers of fur. Perfect.

Step eight: Attach the fur binding on one side, realize that this batting garbage is WAY too thick to get the binding around peacefully. Begin pulling out bunches of batting from the seam allowance by hand. Nice.

Step nine: Finally finish the binding. It looks like crap, your shop looks like a pink panda got shaved by a bad barber in there, but at least it's finished.

Step ten: Take several seats and respect your quilters.

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