• Tiana Marie

It's Time to Get Serious

There (hopefully) comes a time in every person's life where they finally get serious. I'm there. Maybe I'm a little late; I'm neck deep in my twenties with two kids, a husband, and a dream that is barely breathing hiding somewhere in my basement. But I see other people making it happen despite all of life's constant demands. I finally truly believe (maybe) it's possible. I can be a mom, a wife, and run a business from home doing what I love. Really? Can that really happen? I'm just gonna keep tripping down this lost road of lots of coffee, food stains, and sewing until something happens. I'm sure something will happen even if it's just lost sleep; I'm already used to that. So quite frankly there is nothing to lose. #momprenuer #justdoit #workfromhome #sew

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