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Sometimes when a big thing happens in life, a game changer, it feels like time might have paused for a breath of anticipation. I am curating the shop with new meticulousness. I am overflowing with creativity. My sense of wonder and curiosity are ever present with me. I am training for performance.

I have received some very big news regarding where Mystia will be going in 2020. Everything that has happened since has been pregnant with a sense of vigor and joy. I am so thankful.

I think the reason why businesses gain traction is not because of just a product, but because of an idea. It is the foundation of new thinking that I always hope to represent in my company.

I find that not many people are aware of the immense problems facing the fashion industry today. Unfortunately it is not well covered, but those who are conscious of what is happening understand the dire condition we currently stand knee deep in.

I know a warrior in me. And somehow this is the battle I have been chosen for. I am here for a reason. And I am here to stay. I will uphold the responsibility as an artist, to innovate, to express, to raise consciousness, and to create solutions. I truly, deeply CARE.

Why? Clothing? Really? Yes. Clothing has incredible power. It has mature roots in history and culture. It impacts every single human. It affects how we feel about ourselves, and how we perceive each other. It’s influence is undeniable.

And like any power, it must be wielded with respect to its impact, and place in society. I feel connected to that sentiment. I love the craft, but I also respect how it impacts us all. I do what I do with a strong sense of purpose. I try to raise the bar. I create to solve real problems.

When we are true to ourselves, and lose the sense of self to a higher purpose, something pretty magical happens. Things begin to align to move you forward into that intention.

Well, I am going.

LAFW & NYFW Spring 2020

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