• Tiana Marie


We all had a pretty bad taste in our mouth after 2020, but I also had twins. You know all those jokes about quarantine babies? Social distancing fail? Yeah well played. It happened to me except double. I guess it will always make a good story. But for now let's rewind. 2020 actually started out freaking awesome. I danced on top of New York City, flashing cameras, in the best shape of my life, walked the runway (and my handsome husband filled in as a male model too), landed a major contract at a boutique in the financial district, and was ready to do it all again in Las Angeles. Then COVID. Yeah, you guessed it, pretty much. It all fell apart. Naturally I sank into a relatively manic depression and painted the entire interior of my house going bonkers in quarantine wondering if this was it. And then time just kept rolling forward and although quite strange, uncomfortable and moist, it finally came to a big fat end. No literally, I was huge by December and could barely move. Can you say SURPRISE?! Yes twins. Didn't see that one coming. But hey, it kept me from drinking myself into a stupor to forget the rest of the world's troubles, so that is definitely a plus. Fast forward and they are two months old, I have contracts waiting to be filled and opportunities chasing me down faster than I can run away. It's tragic irony that now is the time it all happens: when I have never had more to do, less time to do it, and must do it despite it all. Call that motivation! Basically, there is never enough time, time never stops for anyone or anything, and if you really want something there is no time but this time. So there it is. The phone is ringing, I'm answering, and I'm talking back. Let's tango 2021. I'm still standing!

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